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Discussion Question: The End is Near (worth 5 points) This discussion is meant to provoke thought and perhaps even emotions. You can argue however you want. I want you to imagine you are living in a post-apocalyptic world. Natural disasters have destroyed much of our infrastructure and now a rogue-planet is about to collide with the earth. Our fate looks ill. The governments of the world have decided to select people from their populations to ship off to a nearby planet/star system. Unfortunately, it is only feasible for your government to ship 2 million people to this new world for colonization. For this reason, your government will be selecting people based on the following criterion: 1) Individual has no personal history of mental illness or disease 2) Individual has no family or personal history of chronic disease e.g. diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, stroke etc... 3) Individual has no STIs e.g. HIV/AIDS, Syphilis, etc.….
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