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Public health quiz questions: 1. Even when public health scientist are certain they know all about the cause of a problem and what should be done about it, a political decision is generally before action can be taken to solve it. (T/F) - TRUE 2. public health often arouses controversy on moral grounds, most often when it confronts what type of issue? - SEXUAL AND REPRODUCTIVE ISSUES 3. what Is /are the difference (s) between secondary and tertiary prevention? - Secondary prevention is when an individual is at risk but does not yet have the disease. And tertiary prevention is when the individual has be diagnosed with a an illness and is being treated to 4. The medical model places emphasis on the patients. The public health model places an emphasis on________? - general population **5. According to Beauchamp , _______ justice emphasis individual responsibility, minimal obligation to the common , and the fundamental freedom to all individuals to be left alone.
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