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The Nervous System - Copy.docx

The Nervous System - Copy.docx - Megan Lee U3 Biology Ms...

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Megan Lee U3 Biology Ms. Bruce 5-10-2015 The Nervous System—the effect of drugs on the brain 1) The Reward Pathway (a) In the center of the brain sits the reward pathway, which is responsible for driving our feeling of motivation, reward and behavior. (b) The central job of the reward pathway is to make us feel good when we engage in behaviors that are necessary for our survival. (c) The reward pathway connects to several other important areas of the brain. These connections allow the reward pathway to gather information about what is happening outside of the body, and to strengthen brain circuits that control desirable behavior. (d) The release of dopamine gives you a little jolt of pleasure when the five senses let the brain know that the body is eating, smelling, touching etc. (e) When the reward pathway signals brain regions involved in memory, it enables the brain to create the memory that the thing y9u are doing makes you feel good. This increases the likelihood that you do the things again.
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