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BIOS 104 - Spring 2017 Name: Exam I, 30 January, 2017 Michael Muller, Instructor TA: This exam consists of 42 questions over 5 pages. Each question is worth 2 points on the solo exam and ½ point apiece on the take-home exam. . Please check to see that all the pages are present before you begin. Use a #2 pencil and bubble in all answers. Make sure you bubble in your name, last name first, and your UIN. Failure to bubble in your UIN will delay your exam scores being posted in blackboard. Your scores will be posted on Blackboard as soon as they are in. Choose the BEST answer for each question. Good Luck! Use the information below for questions 1-3: Fertilizers provide nutrients to plants and help them grow better. You want to test the effects of a new liquid fertilizer, Brawndo, on soybeans. You grow all plants in a growth chamber to keep sunlight, temperature, humidity, etc., constant. You create the following groups and collect the following data: Group Conditions Results 1 No Water, no Brawndo Plants died 2 Water only Plants grew an average of 25 cm 3 Branwndo only Plants died 4 Water + Brawndo Plants grew an average of 24 cm 1. Which group(s) are designated as controls? A. Group 1 only B. Group 2 only C. Groups 1 & 2 D. Groups 1, 2, & 3 E. Groups 1, 2, & 4 2. What conclusions could you draw on the use of Brawndo as a plant fertilizer? 3. Would it be valid to claim that Brawndo is scientifically proven to accelerate plant growth? A. Yes B. No. 4. In science, hypotheses are proposed answers to questions based on previous knowledge and data, but theories are far more broad models which are based on a tremendous amount of experimental and observational data.
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