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EM 306 Fall 2A07 Qaiz 4 Name: EID: Problem ,.: \ (t/tS)T ne exercise machine is desigaed with a lightweight \---'l cart which is mounted ot .*uil rollers so that it is free to move along the inelined ramp. Two eables are attached to the cart-one for each hand. Ifthe hands are together so that the cables are parallel and if each cable lies essentially in a vertical plane, deter- mine the force P which each hand must exert on its
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Unformatted text preview: cable in order to maintain an equilibrium position. The mass of the person is 70 kg, the ramp angle 0 is 15', and the angle B is 18". In addition, caleulate the forceR which the ramp exerts on the cart. Prablemt/5F 9olua'q fr 'ft"nt 41 6nJ ^' 4'e- sarf ae s'1lt L"b Ito /r N\' fi-ar'st { lK= 6tt N IFt = o i R - 70. fgl-co:tso - ;f S';tr o t o...
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