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have not received any further large scale revolts, we can see that the dominant class won the ideological war. -Nowadays, Rifkin underscores that the name Luddite, referring to a follower of luddism ideology, is used as a derogatory insult against someone who may oppose development. -This goes to show how enveloped the paradigm of technological development is in out society, disallowing us from thinking otherwise. 3) Race as a Social Construct - Augie Fleras when identifying race in our culture, highlights that, just like animals, we are humans all belong to the same species, no matter what variations there are in our physical appearances. - Likewise, in lecture, the documentary “skin deep: the science of race”, underlined that there are no inherent genetic differences from people across the globe. Thus, at the most scientific basis, race does not exist. -If there is no scientific basis then the notion of race must be created by society, and, as stated in the documentary used by dominant groups in society to divide ethnic
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