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BIOS 104 - Fall 2016 Name: Exam I, 12 September, 2016 Michael Muller, Instructor TA: This exam consists of 40 questions over 5 pages. Each question is worth 2 points on the solo exam and ½ point apiece on the take-home exam. . Please check to see that all the pages are present before you begin. Use a #2 pencil and bubble in all answers. Make sure you bubble in your name, last name first, and your UIN. Failure to bubble in your UIN will delay your exam scores being posted in blackboard. Your scores will be posted on Blackboard as soon as they are in. Choose the BEST answer for each question. Good Luck! You bake two batches of cookies using slightly different ingredients but identical methods (i.e. the same oven temp, the same time of mixing, same oven and cookie sheets, etc.) and this is your result: 1. What is the variable being tested in this experiment? A. Cooking time B. Amount of water C. Type of flour D. Chocolate chip brand E. None of the above 2. What conclusions could you draw from this experiment based on the data presented above? -1-
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3. The word ‘theory’ has a different meaning in science than in everyday speech. In science, when something is a theory, it is supported by large amounts of data and observations, has predictive powers, and is generally accepted as being an accurate representation of one aspect of the natural world. A. True B. False 4. What is the correct order of the steps in the scientific method?
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