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2016-11-13 Scheduling and Project Management Guide for Scheduling in Project Management Agamani Parida Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering Abstract The following document describes the importance of scheduling and costing in every project. We will touch base on some common problems every project manager face in scheduling and costing stages of the project. We will discuss the steps to do effective estimates and then how to build a robust schedule based on our estimates. We will also touch base on the importance of the project plan in all these activities. We will cover the activities that each Project manager carries out during the process of scheduling. Introduction To organize and complete your projects in a timely, quality and financially responsible manner, you need to regulate cost and schedule of the projects carefully. Scheduling is carried out to get the timeline of tasks with projected start times, durations, and end times is typically produced during planning. Scheduling have a very high importance in the overall lifecycle. Schedule and Cost are the two variables that can decide the fate of project, so any deviation need to be carefully measured and acted upon for better end results. Scheduling not only captures the overall timeline but also a complete map of resources and time taken on each task by each resource. Scheduling and Project Planning Before starting a software project, it is essential to determine the tasks to be performed and properly manage allocation of tasks among individuals involved in the software development. Hence, planning is important as it results in effective software development. Project planning is an organized and integrated management process, which focuses on activities required for successful completion of the project. It prevents obstacles that arise in the project such as changes in projects or organization's objectives, non-availability of resources, and so on. Project planning also helps in better utilization of resources and optimal usage of the allotted time for a project. All the activities of project planning are listed below Establishing realistic estimates and schedules for projects that support business objectives and meet client expectations is one of the most challenging aspects of project planning. Delivering those results within the agreed upon time, cost and quality constraints is also very challenging. Prerequisites
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The following are the minimum information every project manager should have before you start the scheduling of the project. Though scheduling happens during the initial phase of the project but in reality throughout the project duration some variations happen to the same. Product Requirements Documents (PRDs) defining the features to be included in the release Work estimates to implement the desired features. Which may be in different forms such as email, spreadsheets and detailed specs or other engineering documents.
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