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Prabhleen Sidhu Chem 1A Lab Partners: Harnoor Sidhu Experiment #9 “Determination of the Specific Heat of a Metal” Objective of the Experiment: In this experiment, we gain experience using a simple calorimeter, to determine the specific heat of a metal by adding an unknown hot metal to cold water in a calorimeter,
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and to estimate the atomic mass of an unknown metal using the Law of Dulong and Petit. Method: A weighed sample of an unknown metal is heated to approximately 100 . The heated metal is quickly added into a measured amount of cool water contained in an insulated cup, this device is called the calorimeter. A calorimeter is a device used to make precise determinations of heat gained or lost by a chemical or physical change. This heat change is represented by a lowercase q. In this experiment we simply measure the heat flow from a hot substance to a cold substance. The temperature of the water is measured accurately before and after the heated metal is added. The metal is then drained free of the water, and dried, and then the steps are repeated. Specific
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