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FacStaffSoftware 04-2014.pdf - Faculty and Staff Software...

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Faculty and Staff Software List Anti-Virus McAfee 8.8 (newest approved patch) ePO Agent 4.6 McAfee Anti-Spyware Applications Microsoft Office 2K10 Acrobat Reader X (10.1.9)set as default opener Internet Explorer 8 (11 on Windows 8) Firefox 24 ESR Hosaka TN 3270 1.2 (UIS) Filezilla 3.5.2 ITunes 11.1.5 Cisco AnyConnect 3.1 AlertUS Windows Media Player 11 with Firefox plug-in Roxio creator dell edition 10.3 DELL Cyberlink Power DVD 8.2(vista)/9.5/12(Win7) DELL
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