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Abstract Workforce diversity impacts organizational performance. This report has analyzed the relation between workforce diversity and organizational performance. In this study I have research the relationship between workforce diversity and the performance of business school. My report suggests that there is a positive relationship between workforce diversity and performance of business school. I have conducted data from fifteen (15) business school in Karachi over twelve (12) years time. Performance was measured as the passing percentage of students and gender difference as the workforce diversity in this report.
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Chapter One: Introduction Scholarship has consistently shown that campus diversity has both direct and indirect positive effects on the education outcomes and experiences of students. The campus is a more welcoming place when the diversity of the student population also is reflected by the faculty, where underrepresented students can learn from and be mentored by faculty and staff who share common experiences and its relations towards the performance. There is enough work on workforce diversity in almost all the sectors but not in educational sector especially in Pakistan. In Pakistan educational sector is almost ignored. Education is very important for everyone to get success in life or to survive in this world therefore I choose the educational sector for this study. As the other sectors the Workforce diversity is also important in educational sector because it affects its performance. In diverse workforce or faculty different types of skills are available at the same place so the students can learn more and different types of skills. In this way the performance of the students increases but it is necessary that the management should manage the diversity accordingly e.g. best person for the best job otherwise it will negatively effects the student’s performance. It does also create motivation among the students. So if management properly manages the diverse workforce in the educational sector then it increases the performance of the students or positively affects the students. The good performance of the students depends upon the diverse workforce. But only the diverse workforce is not important to increase the performance there are also other factors that affects the performance like management. It all depends upon the management of the organization that how it manages the diverse workforce e.g. keep in mind the interest and liking and disliking of the both students and teachers. Despite gains in educational attainment, the representation of women among the ranks of college and university faculty remains a complicated picture notable for the underrepresentation of women in certain academic fields and the persistence of the gender gap. To be sure, the faculty has become increasingly inclusive of women over the last 60 years as a result of more and more women entering—and demanding their space within—the academy, as well as college officials making efforts to recruit and retain female faculty. But this growing
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