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Chrissy Teigan, an American model, was who I chose to investigate because I have always noticed on yahoo, fox, twitter news, etc that she is very active when it comes to Twitter. I always become interested to see how someone differs from their famous life to their real life when it comes to opinions on social media. When looking up her profile on twitter I realized there were many accounts under her name but the way to tell which is real or not is indicated by a check mark, stating that this is the famous person’s real profile. Chrissy Teigan is known for not only her beautiful looks, but her bold personality, her smart reasoning’s, and her ability to make people laugh from her post. Many people are familiar with her twitter due to the fact she is always stating her opinion against trumps tweets. When reading her tweets I noticed that she has gotten into many conflictions regarding her thoughts about President Trump. Recently with the NFL issue of the players kneeling during the National
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