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Experiment 7-Fractional Distillation The purpose of this experiment is to use distillation to separate a mixture of two volatile liquids with different boiling points. This procedure was done using a round bottom flask, air condenser, temperature probe, and hickman head. The air condenser was filled uniformly with 0.604g of steel wool The distillation apparatus was then heated on an aluminum block on a hot plate. The temperature of the hot plate started on 3 and then was gradually raised throughout the distillation. After 10 minutes, the mixture was taking a while to heat so the temperature of the hot plate was increased to 5. After about 20 minutes, the temperature of the apparatus reached 65.6 and some hexane was able to be extracted. About 1.6mL of the hexane was extracted when the temperature dropped to 25.1 . The hot plate temperature was then increased to 7, however, this did not make much difference as the temperature was still dropping. The hot plate was then
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