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Regina Pranata 4 th September 2017 Journal 1 Professor Jon Dietrick The “Holiday” play by Philp Barry tells a story about a couple, Johnny Case and Julia Seton, who are extremely in love with each other after their ten days of meetings and plan to get married soon. Before announcing their engagement, Julia needs the approval from her family, particularly her dad, Edward Seton. From the time Johnny is interviewed by Edward until the day the couple announces their engagement, there are several misrecognitions depicted in the play. The first misrecognition in this play is illustrated in the first act when Edward meets Johnny for the first time. During their first conversation, which is more of a background check for Johnny, Edward misrecognizes Johnny. Based on Edward’s questions to Johnny, it is clear that Edward assumes that Johnny comes from an upper-class family like the Seton’s. The lines “I used to have many friends in Baltimore. The Whites—the Clarence Whites—Possibly you knew
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