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Running head: PRESSURE ULCERS 1 Pressure Ulcers Jennifer Compton Evidence-Based Practice and Applied Nursing Research C361 Task 1 Western Governors University
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PRESSURE ULCERS 2 Pressure Ulcers A. Primary quantitative research peer reviewed journal The research article begins by noting the healthcare, social and economic problems pressure ulcers (PU) cause on its patients and the society as a whole. The researchers have defined PU as, “a skin lesion produced secondarily due to a process of ischemia.” (Lupiañez- Perez et al., 2015) . They have noted that PU has greater prevalence in those areas with bony prominences, whereby when the soft body tissue is compressed between two hard surfaces results to vascular occlusion and subsequent endothelial damage impairing with microcirculation in the tissue which appears on the skin service in form of pressure ulcers. The research employed a quantitative methodology, whereby, “non-inferiority, triple- blind, parallel, multicenter randomized clinical trials,” were used (Lupianez-Perez et al., 2015). Under these, two procedures were used namely; the normal care procedure with HOFA (Hyper- oxygenated Fatty Acids) and the new approach using Olive oil. The population of the study consisted mainly of immobilized patients’ found in nursing homes and health care centers in Andalusia.
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