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Prabhleen Sidhu Lab Partner: Harnoor Sidhu Chem 1A Experiment 14 “Chromatography and Spectrophotometry of Food Color”
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PURPOSE The purpose of this experiment is to separate a mixture of food dyes into its component dyes using column chromatography. Then, we analyze the dyes using spectrophotometry, determining the relative amounts of each in the food color. PROCEDURE Spectroscopy of Brilliant Blue Using a buret, measure 3.00 mL of Brilliant Blue solution into a 100 mL volumetric flask. Dilute to the mark and mix well. As you did in experiment 13 for Allura Red, use the Genesys spectrophotometer but measure the absorbance of the solution from 560 nm to 660 nm in 10 nm intervals. Determine the wavelength of the highest absorbance for this solution within 5 nm. Make three more dilute solutions and measure their absorbance at maximum wavelength. It is your job to figure out the correct dilutions so the absorbance of the solutions will be spread out between 0.1 and 1.0 (remember that absorbance is directly proportional to
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