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Marissa Anderson Group 6 ACC 205 Part D: Contracts The Bistro has had to deal with many legal actions this year, with having had many contracts made. The first contract was made was a Post- Termination Agreement and Covenant Not to Compete was entered into as of September 1, 2014 by and between Bistro 205, a sole proprietorship and Mitchell Weisz (“Chef”). In December of 2014 Mitchell Weisz quits and leaves the Bistro, according to our contract Mitchel Weisz is unable to gain employment and will not be able to own, manage, operate, etc. any type of competing business for one year after his choice to leave our business with geographical restrictions from working in Flagstaff, AZ. For Weisz to quit he must not engage in any type of business with a “competing business” for 1
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