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1 THE UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY FACULTY OF ARTS DEPARTMENT of ANTHROPOLOGY & ARCHAEOLOGY ANTH 203.01 (F2016) INTRODUCTION TO SOCIAL AND CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY T,R 09:30-10:45 CHC 119 Instructor Professor Josephine Smart Office ES 710c Phone 403-220-6774 Office Hours T, R 11:00-12:00, W 10:00-12:00 or by appointment E-mail [email protected] TA Angela Tucker Office ES 720 E-mail [email protected] Office hours by appointment only COURSE DESCRIPTION This course will introduce students to social and cultural anthropology. Drawing from case studies in the course text and from other sources, we will explore the fundamental issues and approaches within social and cultural anthropology. Topics of interest include the basic institutions (e.g., marriage, religion, economy, politics, and gender) within societies, and the interactions between different societies. Emphasis will be placed on the diversity of human culture and the commonalities that are found across human cultures, and on the continuing relevance of anthropological analysis in a globalizing world.
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