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N223L INTERPERSONAL PROCESS ANAlLYSIS Student: Litty C. Baby Date: __7/07/2017_____________ Clinical Instructor: Karen Bravo Name (initials only): lcb Unit: PICU 1 Current Legal Status (Vol, involuntary, etc.): _Involuntary____________ Multiaxial Diagnostic System Axis1 (Clinical Syndromes): Psychosis, delusion Axis 11 (Mental retardation/ Personality Disorder): Severe Major Depressive Disorder Axis 111 (Physical Disorders and condition): Conscious loss, Traumatic brain injury, Shaken baby syndrome, heart surgeries Axis IV other psychosocial environmental problems related to social environment: Single, unemployed, lives with grandparents, adopted. Axis V (Global Assessment function scale- 45 1. Description of the patient: a. Age, sex, ethnicity, marital status: 41y/o, male, Hispanic, single b. What precipitated hospitalizaton? Harm to self and others , ordering protective custody c. Number of days in the hospital? 11 days d. Mental status, etc . ( A&O)x3 , agitated, delusional , not well groomed 2. Description of environmental setng where interaction took place. a. Explain the reasons for a supportive environment. The interaction with client at smoking area and at group session room, area well lit, and temperature controlled environment. Patient appeared to be comfortable in this environment. b. Explain the reasons for a non-supportive environment. (E.g. noise, distractions, light, temperature, etc.): Since it was a common area, there was a lot of distraction from other patients. The day of visit PICU 1 and PICU 2 were merged together, so the number of patients present at the area and higher than normal. There was a lot of yelling and screaming across the room and even in the smoking area. Place was well lit and temperature was appropriate where patient felt comfortable. Rev 6.9.17
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INTERPERSONAL PROCESS ANALYSIS NAME: _____Litty C Baby______________________ DAT E: __07/07/17_____________ PT. INITIALS: ___JI____________ Student: *Verbal (quotes) and Nonverbal Communication (behavior, tone of voice, eye contact, mannerisms, etc.) *Goal for each interaction (realistic and measurable) Patient: *Verbal ( quotes ) and Nonverbal *Communication (behavior, tone of voice, eye contact, mannerisms, etc.) Critique and Analysis *Effective or not effective? (Could have said…) *Document your thoughts and feelings during the interaction. *Was your goal met? Goal: My goal was to introduce myself to the patient for him to know that I am someone he can talk to Verbal: “Good morning, my name is Litty, I am a student nurse from WCU. How are you doing today? Nonverbal:I lean forward to show my interest and made eye contact Communication Technique/ definition of technique: Introduction Professional communication? Introduction was important to establish rapport Verbal: “I’m OK. My name is Ignacio. How are you? Do you work here?” Nonverbal:Poor eye contact, looking away, Frequently making some body movements Defense or coping mechanism used? N/A Patient’s Rationale for above? N/A Effective? (Could have said…): This was an effective way of introducing to patient. I could have said, I would like to spend some time with you today offering self Your thoughts and feelings: At first I was little
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