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Marissa Anderson September 6, 2015 ANT 106- Assignment 1 Technologies within my daily life: The most important things to me in regards to technology would have to be Electricity, Wifi, Vehicle, Smartphone, and Laptop. Electricity is the most important technology to me because it makes my daily life easier, I can cook, have lights on in my house, do laundry, and so much more. After electricity, Wifi would have to be the next most important to me it helps me to do school work, and social media is also a bonus to the wifi, as well as the research and news I have in the palm of my hand with wifi. The next more important thing would have to be the technology within my car, it gets me everywhere I need to be safely, and has everything I need within a safe vehicle. The next most important things to me would have to be my laptop and smartphone, I always have at least one of those items on me to do school work, stay in direct contact with
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