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Experiment 4.docx - Prabhleen Sidhu CHEM 1A Experiment 4...

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Prabhleen Sidhu CHEM 1A Experiment 4 “Electrolyte Strength and Electrical Conductivity”
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Objective: The objective of part one of the experiment is to relate electrical conductivity to the presence of ions in solution. Also, to classify substances as strong, weak, or nonelectrolytes. And, to relate electrical conductivity and chemical reactivity to the presence of H 3 O + ions in solutions of acids and OH - ions in solutions of bases and then to classify the acids as strong or weak. The objective of part two of the experiment is to predict products from reactants in chemical reactions among salts, acids, and bases. Then, to balance these equations into net ionic equations for these reactions. Procedure: For part one of the experiment, we test electrolyte strength and electrical conductivity. First, the instructor demonstrates the conductivity of all substances and/or solutions. Then, we classify each observation as “bright”, “dull”, or “no light.” The tests that are performed are written on the data sheet on page forty-one. And record the data on the page as the instructor demonstrates them.
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