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Jordan Maldonado Mr. Hoppe Biometric and Personal Privacy 12 September 2017 My opinions and thoughts on the use of biometrics design is positive. The impact biometrics has on personal information make it very convenient for users. Today, we have an abundance of different types of biometric systems. As we all know, technology is rapidly growing each day and new innovations are being introduced to us. There’s smartphones with fingerprint scanners, iris scanners, face recognition and voice unlock control. Biometric helps prevent unwanted guests to access our most valuable devices. It cannot be lost, making it quite difficult to duplicate and share biometric data. This makes it more tough for hackers to get into the system. Without the user being present, of the biometric data, it’s hard for a hacker to unlock and access devices or files. With biometric technology installed, there are cameras that can capture images of the criminal attempting to hack the device; helping to catch them at a more efficient way. These ways give a big advantage and a secure mind for users.
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