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9/29/2017 MasteringPhysics: Ch 01.3-1.6 https://session.masteringphysics.com/myct/itemView?assignmentProblemID=83695995&view=print&offset=next 1/2 Problem 1.52 A maser is a laser-type device that produces electromagnetic waves with frequencies in the microwave and radio-wave bands of the electromagnetic spectrum. You can use the radio waves generated by a hydrogen maser as a standard of frequency. The frequency of these waves is 1,420,405,751.786 hertz. (A hertz is another name for one cycle per second.) A clock controlled by a hydrogen maser is off by only 1 in 100,000 years. (The large number of significant figures given for the frequency simply illustrates the remarkable accuracy to which it has been measured.) Part A What is the time for one cycle of the radio wave? Express your answer to three significant figures and include the appropriate units.
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