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Varieties of State At the end what is the main argument, key ideas and concepts-links with other readings and course themes review the readings briefly after the lecture 1. Aristotle’s distinction Number ruling Rulers rule in the interest of All Themselves One monarchy tyranny Few aristocracy olgiarchy many polity democracy 2. What checks on political leaders? a. Liberal democratic b. Illiberal democracy c. Authoritarian d. Totalitarian Liberal vs. illberal democracies Liberal democracies (US, Canada, France, India) o Democratic Popular participation & accountability Open debate o Liberal Rights protected (limit on majority’s control) checks on executive decisions ex. Trump o Illiberal democracies (Malaysia & Russia) Fewer rights but still elections Authoritarian Basic characteristics o Lack of popular input to political decisions o Government autonomy from popular control Absolute monarchies (e.g. 17 th France) Military dictatorship/police states o
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