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Jessica Samples Task 3 3/11/2017 Comparison of the United States and Japan Health Care System
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The United States Health Care system: There are restrictions in choice of physicians by patients and health providers selection of specialty; this is opposite of the Japanese system in which providers and patients have a freedom of choice. This paper will compare medical care in the US and Japan. Medical covers in Japan: The unemployed are entitled to an insurance referred to as National Insurance. In this scheme, a patient will pay 30% of the cost (either inpatient or outpatient). For persons over 70 years, payments made are 10 % of the expenses though this coverage might increase in the future. For children below seven years, Employees’ Insurance scheme covers their medical cost (Powell & Anesaki, 2011). In US, there are two government programs, Medicaid and Medicare which aid in providing health care. Medicaid is a state insurance program which covers low-income individuals by covering prescription drugs and laboratory tests. Medicare on the other hand is governed by the federal government. It covers the
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