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HS2100 Week 5 Test.pdf - MyUMA LIVE CHAT Student Success...

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Week 5 Review Test Submission: Week 5 - Test H Review Test Submission: Week 5 - Test User Dana Hetherton Course HS2100: Family Dynamics (8-21-2017) Section 13 Test Week 5 - Test Started 9/22/17 11:54 AM Submitted 9/22/17 12:10 PM Due Date 9/24/17 11:59 PM Status Completed Attempt Score 35 out of 50 points Time Elapsed 15 minutes out of 1 hour Instructions DIRECTIONS TO TAKE THE TEST: 1. Read the question and select the answer. 2. Click on the "Save Answer" button after you answer each question. 3. Click on the "Save and submit" button when you have completed the test. 4. Click the "OK" button to "hand-in" your test. PLEASE NOTE : The weekly tests are setup to allow you to retake a test twice during the week that a test is open. Please contact your instructor for additional attempts due to any special circumstances. Results Displayed Submitted Answers, Feedback Question 1 Illness and disability tend to push individual and family developmental processes towards transition and increased: Selected Answer: cohesion. MyUMA Stu 2.5 out of 2.5 points Dana Hetherton LIVE CHAT 2.5 out of 2.5 points OK OK
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Question 2 A serious and debilitating illness in a family, is similar to: Selected Answer: the addition of a new, special needs family member.
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