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Political Science Politics is: A way of ruling divided societies by a process of free discussion and without undue violence (Bernard Crick, 2000) Its is linked to the idea of conflict and resolution On one had the existence of different wants and needs and interests guarantees disagreement about the rules which they are held under On the other hand people who recognize that in order to influence these rules they must work with others State: defined by Max Weber as an institution claiming a “monopoly of the legitimate use of physical force in enforcing its order within a given territorial area” Sovereign state: is beyond any challenge, no higher authority within that area and no external challenge to it De jure sovereignty: the legal right to rule supremely De facto sovereignty: the actual ability of a government to wield political power Plato: Idealism Republic (the ideal state) o No poverty o No family no gender roles/ no slaver o To each according to his/ her abilities Social unity is a central goal o Transcendence of human selfishness requires a complete overhaul of social relations a we know them Aristotle: Realism Politics (the best possible government) o Selfishness is a part of who we are o Without poverty or family ties we would stop caring about our relative/ friends o Accepts the gender roles/ slavery A balanced government is a main objective Combines the interests of various groups in the society Hobbes: People relinquish their rights to the monarch/ultimate authority (doesn’t need to be a monarch) in return for protection People are essentially rational in their selfish pursuit of their own interests The purpose of the government is to keep law and order People have no say in their government, thus they could do nothing if the monarch were abusive Locke: All people are born with certain inalienable rights, they are life, liberty, and have the right to own property People by nature are not wicked and they could learn from their experience
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People could be trusted to govern themselves The purpose of the government is to protect individual liberates and rights
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