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1 Sociology 1020 – 002 Movie Analysis Assignment Brooke Arkell Western University
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2 Sociology can be seen in every interaction every day. It is a very useful tool in looking at people individually as well as society as a whole. Through the things learned in sociology such as norms, countercultures, societal expectations, body image, and inadequate socialization it enables an in depth look at the sociology of a group of people such as that of the people in the movie Mean Girls. Though it is a work of fiction the conflict theory and structural functionalism can still be clearly seen throughout the plot and interaction of the characters. It is a very interesting and representative movie of many different aspects of sociology such as those analyzed in this assignment. In todays society there are many norms associated with the different groups of people. [Rob14] Those norms dictate how people feel they are able to socially acceptably go about a situation. [Rob14] They can be large scale as norms that cover a full society, or in relation to high school, they dictate the behaviours as small as a friend group. [Rob14] In the movie Mean Girls, Cady decides the join the “plastics” friend group when she moves to North Shore High School. She quickly realizes the norms of their group of friends, such as what they are allowed to wear, how they are allowed to act, who they can talk to, etc. She has to conform and behave according to all of their norms from the first time she learns them, so as to fit in with her new group of friends. Countercultures are an obvious reaction to every dominant culture in a set society. [Rob14] These countercultures counter the beliefs or values of the more dominant culture, seeing their values and beliefs as better, and wish to take over the dominant culture with their own.
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