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Tareas por hacer.docx - Tareas por hacer about me Ingles...

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Tareas por hacer about me: Ingles: Homework 8 Competence 1. Listening 1. Turn to page 56, exercise 8, 2. Listen to the audios 2.14-2-16 and complete exercises 8 and 9. 3. If necessary, read the conversation script and mark the vocabulary you don’t understand. Competence 2. Speaking 1. Turn your book to page 56, exercise 10. 2. Choose one of the situations from exercise 6 to practice with a partner. Build a new scenario as described on the instructions. 3. Present your results to your professor. Competence 3. Reading and Writing 1. Turn to page 5, Visiting someone’s home. 2. Complete exercises 1-4. Listen and read the conversations, then fill in the blanks of the sentences on exercise 3. 3. Present your results to your professor Homework 9 Competence 1. Listening & Speaking 1. Turn to page 67 of the student's book, Crisis Management, 5.
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