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Geosci Unit 1 notes.docx - Unit 1 science is a human social...

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Unit 1 science is a human social activity, but differs from other human social activities in that the ideas of science must be tested against reality. Why National Parks Private Vs Group ownership Private ownership raises the question “did you come across that piece of land Fairley?” Public ownership often raises (tragedy of the commons) National parks under Public control The act establishing Yellowstone and the concept of national parks specified “conservation... unimpaired for...future generations” and “to provide for the enjoyment” of the parks. o Saving a wild region for the future while having it enjoyed by millions of visitors each year is one of the largest of many difficulties facing the parks today. What Is Geology? Geology, broadly, is the study of the Earth. Geologists, geophysicists, geochemists, geobiologists—study the rocks that make up the Earth, the history of the Earth as recorded in those rocks, and the processes that change those rocks. Including oil and ores, landslides and volcanoes, dinosaurs and meteorites, and much more. Most geologists are involved in one of four areas: o 1.) finding valuable things in the Earth (gold and silver, diamonds, oil, building stone, sand and gravel, clean water, etc.) o 2.) warning of geological hazards (volcanic explosions, earthquakes, landslides, groundwater pollution, etc.) o 3.) building an operators' manual for the Earth (Earth System Science)
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