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P a g e | 1 Title of Paper: Critical Review- Education and Development Course Code: DEST 201 Instructor’s Name: Caesar Apentiik Student’s Name: Navraj Singh Student Id: 30025529 Date of Submission: 25-10-2016
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P a g e | 2 Introduction: - The writers (Richard Maclure, Refaat Sabbah, and Daniel Lavan) begins the chapter with brief introduction and history of Education in connection with International Development. The writers used many articles and books to collect their data and to support their arguments and comments on the relationship between Education and Development. They organized text in a proper way and order to help readers have a better understanding of the long reading text without any confusion. Their way of writing seems helpful to catch interest for readers as they provided many analysis and comments in addition to all the relevant material required in their support. The main focus and aim of the text are to help readers understand the role of Education in the modern developing world as education plays an important part in the development of a country. The writers also focused on how education evolved from various stages and how and why policymakers and government focused on education as an important issue for its own development[Jam14]. The author’s purpose here is to help us understand why government and international agencies considered education as an important perspective of development
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