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Chapter 7 METHODS of Printmaking: INTAGLIO or RELIEF. Under RELIEF, your book shows Woodcuts and Wood Engraving. Please remember that LINOLEUM blocks are also relief. In this, the inked part of the plate to make the image is high. The cuts deep in the plate show WHITE on the print. Well, whatever color the paper is, shows the negative space on the plate. Take a moment to look at Zhao Xiaomo's work, The Family by the Lotus Pond. This work was more than one plate in creation. Several blocks, carefully cut and inked were aligned and printed in proper succession. The pure white areas were the deepest cut on the woodblock. This is an example of RELIEF PROCESS. INTAGLIO is the second process . Intaglio is the process by which ink is applied to a warm plate and it seeps into the crevices cut by a needle or etched by acid, for example. The ink on the top of the plate is wiped away by a stiff gauze called a tarleton or sometimes even with newspaper.
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