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Essay 1 outline-revise.docx - a condition of modern life in...

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a condition of modern life in Kafka’s time which is an injustice to those who are being used o Describe the modern life after WWI Capitalism The Jungle 1908; metamorphosis 1915 Dehumanizing work environment 唯利是图造就了人与人之间的冷漠 ; Alienation o Tönnies' Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft (Community and Society) is about the loss of primary relationships such as familial bonds in favour of goal-oriented, secondary relationships -- wiki o Kafka’s description of it in Metamorphosis Describe Kafka’s description Modern life transformed him into a bug (condition): Guilty of complicity with a dehumanizing work environment o Servility o Meekness o Use the above techniques as signs of complying with that work environment o So becomes a bug 行动不便,剥夺人性 Alienation: alienate people Under the pressure of work and family, Gregor was squashed into a bug
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