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Evidence Based Practice and Applied Nursing Research Task 1 Jessica Samples Date: 8/31/2017 Qualitative Research
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Introduction The purpose of this research is to examine what the effects and implications of pressure ulcers have on the quality of one's life. The research was also used to determine whether or not the use of olive oils was effective in patients under the care of a home agency versus patients in facilities. Pressure ulcers is a healthcare, socio-economic condition that results in a major worsening in the quality of life of a patient. Pressure ulcer causes physical, social, and financial implications for the patient and their families. They also cause worsening overall health that can results in reduced life expectancy. Research has shown that pressure ulcers affects about 5% home-based patients and 10% of hospitalized patients (Dan, Carlijin, & Colin, 2014, p.104). The risk factors associated with pressure ulcers include lack of mobility especially in the elderly resulting in comorbidity and mortality. Pressure ulcers have been proven to affect patients health physically, socially, and psychologically (Dan, Carlijin, & Colin, 2014, p.104). Literature Review Pressure ulcers also commonly known bedsores are an injury that breaks down the skin and underlying tissues. Pressure ulcers can involve into a range of severity from discolored skin to open wounds that expose the underlying bone, tissue, or muscle. They can occur when there is pressure inflicted to an area of skin for a short period. This extra pressure interferes with the circulatory system or flow of blood through the skin. This then causes the skin to be starved of oxygen and nutrients and starts to breakdown resulting to an ulcer forming.
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