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MKTG 2101 MIDTERM 1 -- Key Terms (10.02.2017).doc

MKTG 2101 MIDTERM 1 -- Key Terms (10.02.2017).doc - Temple...

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Temple University Fox School of Business MKTG 2101: Marketing Management MIDTERM 1: Chapters 01, 02 (pp 37-48), 03 - 06; OCTOBER 02, 2017 KEY TERMS ( + = ADDED to chapter terms ; strikethrough = REMOVED from chapter terms) Chapter 01 Consumer Marketing Marketing Mix Four Ps Product Promotion Place Channel of distribution Price Exchange Consumer goods Services Business-to-business marketing Industrial goods e-Commerce Not-for-profit organizations Non-government organizations (NGOs) Marketing concept Need Want Benefit Demand Market Marketplace + Market offering Virtual goods Rentepreneurs Collaborative consumption Utility Stakeholders Production orientation Chapter 01 (cont’d) Selling orientation Consumer orientation Total Quality Management (TQM) Triple-bottom-line orientation Societal marketing concept Sustainability Green marketing Accountability Return On Investment (ROI) Mobile marketing User-generated content Branded content Corporate citizenship Screen addicts Growth hackers Value proposition Brandfests Lifetime value of the customer Competitive advantage Distinctive competency Differential benefit Marketing scorecards Metrics Value chain Haul videos Web 1.0 Web 2.0 Web 3.0 Web 4.0 Cloud Social networking platforms Chapter 01 (cont’d) Folksonomy Wisdom of crowds Crowdsourcing Open-source model Consumer addiction Shrinkage Anticonsumption Mass market Market segment Target market Chapter 02 (pp 37-48) Greenhouse effect Global warming Arab Spring World trade Countertrade General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) World Trade Organization (WTO) World Bank International Monetary Fund Foreign exchange rate (forex rate) Balance of payments Protectionism Import quotas Embargo
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