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Here is some lawn mowing tips I came up with.   Remember that mowing is pruning. Proper mowing increases the density of the lawn, which in turn decreases weeds. Each type of grass has a recommended mowing height. Find out which type of grass is in your lawn (you may have more than one) and mow at the proper height. Stick to the 1/3 rule — never remove more than 1/3 of the grass blade length at any one time. A healthy lawn can survive an occasional close cut. Repeated close mowing produces a brown lawn and has several harmful side effects, including: Injury to the crown, where new growth generates and nutrients are stored. Reduction of the surface area of the blade, making the blade surface insufficient to produce food through photosynthesis. Increased vulnerability to pests and disease. An increase in the sunlight reaching weed seeds, allowing them to germinate. Risk of soil compaction. Also remember to: Mow when the grass is dry. The blades will be upright and less likely to clump when cut. Avoid mowing in the heat of
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