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History 150 Notes 9/22/2017 The Enlightment – 18 th Century THE intellectual movement of the 18 th century Scientific ideas (ideas) Scientific method (they would observe the natural world, collect data and creating new scientific ideas Their laboratory will be society (the study of society) The shaping of the modern outlook *** TEST QUESTION***** “What is Enlightment?” – Immanuel Kant “Dare to Know” Moving away from self-caused immaturity, using one’s intelligence without the guidance of another. Don’t just think what people tell you to think, use your own intelligence Warning – Green Day Objectives o 1. Participants who will critically evaluate social institutions, ideas, and practices Is it reasonable? (social instruction / practice) #reason If something does not meet the criteria of reason (they will call for a reform (change it) or eliminate it all together) o 2. Uncover the natural laws operating in society, “science of man” – what we call the social sciences They want society to conform to the natural laws Common end goal (they use reason and then if something is not reasonable they will bring along reform and change) They were set on reforming and changing society (they were optimistic) You could create a better world/ society (this is very challenging) They believed they could make progress (new term/ idea of the 18 th century) Progress is achieved through knowledge (knowledge is power) o Ceasare Beccaria wrote “unusual crimes and punishments” (critically evaluate criminal justice systems that have developed over time in Europe) He argued that penal systems should be reformed so that he punishment fits the crime
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