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2 Research Ideas And Hypotheses Chapter Overview The research process—the first two steps: Step 1: find a research idea Involves selecting a topic and searching the literature to find an unanswered question Step 2: form a hypothesis 2.1 Getting Started Pick a topic in which you are interested Do your homework: collect background information Read books and journal articles Do not try to read everything Read enough to gain a good grasp of your topic Getting Started (cont’d.) Keep an open mind Focus, focus, focus (simple, simple) Develop one research question and find relevant background information Take one step at a time 2.3 Finding Background Literature: Conducting a Literature Search The literature : the mass of published information worldwide Your job: Start with a general idea Search the existing literature to gather background information “Find” a specific research question Primary and Secondary Sources Primary sources: firsthand reports in which the authors describe their own observations Examples: empirical journal articles/theses Secondary sources: secondhand reports in which the authors discuss someone else’s observations Examples: textbooks/introductory sections of research reports The Purpose of a Literature Search Two basic goals: To gain a general familiarity with the current research in your specific area of interest To find a small set of research studies to serve as the basis for your research idea Find a set of published research reports defining the current state of knowledge How New Research Grows Out of Old The Opening Paragraph of a Research Report Preparing for a Literature Search Narrow down your general idea to a specific research question
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