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Week 7 Reflection_ Muscular system.docx - Week 8 Reflection...

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Week 8 Reflection: Muscular System A sarcomere is the basic functional unit of striated muscle, which is to say, it’s the basic building block of most muscle cells. In the human body, each muscle is made up of multiple bundles of muscle fibers. These muscle fibers, in turn, are comprised of numerous finer strands called myofibril s . It’s usually not obvious unless looking under an electron microscope, but each myofibril is primarily composed of two kinds of filaments, termed “thick” and “thin,” and each of these is organized into regular, repeating sub- units. Each sub-unit individually is known as a sarcomere, it is their patterned arrangement that gives striated muscle its characteristic banded appearance. Thick filaments are made up of hundreds of molecules of the protein myosin. Myosin is characterized by long, fibrous, tail regions that run along the axis of the filament, and globular head regions that project outwards along the axis. Individual myosin molecules within a filament are generally oriented in opposite
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