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1 Running Head: Advertising Plan Fatima Hall IMC Plan Sears: Advertising Plan MKTG 410 September 26, 2017 DeVry University
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Running Head: Advertising Plan Objective The general objective of this advertising campaign is to bring maximum awareness to the consumer regarding Sears merchandise and their ability to compete with the leading competitors. Sears was a leading competitor in department stores for over a century until the 1980’s when Walmart surpassed them. Now ahead of them is also Amazon, Target, and Costco. In the past six years, Sears has lost about $10 billion, but has made a profit this year. As a result, Sears will continue to focus on accelerating the growth by retaining existing customers and gaining new customers. Online retail industry is the fastest growing industry today, and is estimated by 2017, online retailers will produce close to $400 billion in sales. It is also known that consumers love to save money and feel like they are getting a deal. Keeping this in mind, Sears plans to focus on maximizing their online presence and developing and effective campaign so consumers feel like they are getting the best deal for the money. This campaign focuses on the advertisement techniques we will be implementing to accomplish our goal of; bringing maximum awareness to the consumer regarding Sears’s innovative online shopping capabilities. The advertisement campaign will bring a voice to the
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