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STAT 3470 Probability Lab Assignment #1 OBJECTIVES: To set up a simulation of a simple random experiment. To introduce the concept of a discrete probability distribution. To learn how the size of the sample affects the relative frequency probability. PROCEDURE AND ANALYSIS: 1. Start Minitab. 2. Label the first 12 columns (by entering the label in the gray cell at the top of the column) as follows: C1 = SS 10 C4 = SS 100 C7 = SS 2000 C10 = Sample sizes C2 = SS 20 C5 = SS 500 C8 = SS 5000 C11 = Relative Freq Probability C3 = SS 50 C6 = SS 1000 C9 = SS 10000 C12 = Theoretical Probability 3. Click on Calc > Random Data > Integer First generate 10 rows of data and store it in column C1 (SS 10 for sample size of 10). Enter 1 as the minimum value and 6 as the maximum value. Next, generate 20 rows of data and store it in C2 (SS 20 for sample size of 20). The minimum is 1 and the maximum is 6. Continue to repeat this procedure until you have filled the first 9 columns. The title of the column indicates how many rows of data you should generate each time.
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