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Practice Test Keys – 201760.pdf

Practice Test Keys – 201760.pdf - ick Links Practice Test...

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8/31/2017 Practice Test Keys – 201760.2e2ad385 https://bblearn.astate.edu/webapps/blackboard/content/listContent.jsp?course_id=_1641942_1&content_id=_5391458_1&mode=reset 1/3 201760 - Social Statistics (Merged) 201760.2e2ad385 Practice Test Keys Practice Test Keys Homework Keys Information Your Academic Assistant has 72 hours from the due date and time to grade assigned materials. This means you will not always receive feedback before tests. In order to ensure that you are on the right track, homework keys to each module's work will open here once you have submitted your homework. Practice Test 1 Key Practice Test 1 Part I: True/False Part II: Multiple Choice Part III: Short answer questions Quiz questions will provide a good practice for true/false and multiple choice questions. Short answer questions will be similar to ones on the homework which is identifying types of variables, levels of measurement, independent and dependent variables. Part IV: Work Problems
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