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1. What is the road distance in meters from BM 79/ Grid EG1094 to BM 65/ Grid EH0900? a. 6500 b. 6900 c. 6100 d. 5700 2. What is the straight-line distance in meters from BM 61/ Grid EH1603 to the Horizontal Control Station/Grid EG1798? 3. Two observation posts have reported seeing enemy vehicles. OP#1 located at Spot Elevation 189/Grid EG0280 sees them on a 97 degree grid azimuth. OP#2 located at Spot Elevation 176/Grid EG0278 sees them on a 359 degree magnetic azimuth. Where is the enemy located? 4. Friendly forces located at Church of God/Grid EG0385 spot enemy fire at 93 degrees
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