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Review Activity 1-3 - Sep 3 2017 - 3-53 PM(2).pdf

Review Activity 1-3 - Sep 3 2017 - 3-53 PM(2).pdf -...

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Unformatted text preview: 912/2017 Medial Ten-ninlogy Express: A Short Course by Body System, 2nd edition PRINTED BY: dfda9305bSZal [email protected] Printing is for personal, private use only. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted without publisher's prior permission. Violators will be prosecuted. Medcoi Word Eton-tens 7 7. Whenever a prefix stands alone. it will be preceded by a hyphen. T W annex/1X SM «1W . ifs'&_£o\w0-A 503-5 “‘3 W“) 8. in the term intramuscular: intra- is the prefix. @alse Underline the word root in each of following combining forms. 9. mm (spleen) IQWO (uterus) l [.mnlo (intestine) l2.__nggn'o (nerve) 8.21/0 (ear) 14. 51313310 (skin) ling/o (water) 4‘ Compeoency Verification: Check your answers in Appendix 8. Answer Key. page 357. If you are not satisfied (3 wlzhyourlevelofoomprehensionmevicwdwmin flieubleandrmkedre review. Correct Answers: l 5 X 6.61 w ‘0 0 % Score Review Activity l-3 Identifying Word Roots and Combining Forms Undedine the word roots in the following terms. Medical Word Meaning l.,ne_m_ritis inflammation of the kidneys 2. modesis fixation of a joint 3. Ms inflammation ofzhe skin iflmmrrtesis surgical puncture of a joint .5.me excision ofme stomach Underline the following elements that are combining forms. 6. nephr kidney Zhepa’r/o liver 8. arthr joint 9Marmr bone. joint l0.cholangilo bile vessel Competency Verlilufion: Cluck your answer: in Appendix 5. Answer Key. page 357. If you are not satisfied widiyourlevelofoomprehmsim.miewlhewmindnubleandrmkethereview. Correct Answers: 10 X ro = l0 D ’6 Score htlp52llereader.chegg.com/#lbooksl9780803642119Icfil35l/4/[email protected]:62.4 “1 “WWW—man“...mm_mmmuwm_ ...
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