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Ch.7 Chart Note Analysis - Sep 21 2017 - 10-35 AM.pdf

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Unformatted text preview: Medical Terminlogy Express: A Short Course by Body System, 2nd edition Page 1 of 1 PRINTED BY: dfda9305b52al [email protected] Printing is for personal, private use only. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted without publisher's prior permission. Violators will be prosecuted. 184 cum, 1 w 7 I mum“ Swear" Rectal Bleeding Read the chart note that follows aloud. Underline any term you have trouble pronouncing and any terms that you cannot define. If needed, refer to the Terminology section on page 182 for correct pronunciations and meanings of terms. This 50—year—old white man has lost approximately 40 pounds since his last examination. The patient says he has had no dyaphagia or postprandial die- treas, and there is no report: of diarrhea, nausea, main, hematemeaie, or constipation. The patient has had a history of regional enteritis, appen- dicitis, and colonic bleeding. The regional enteritie resulted in an ileoatomy with appendectomy about: 6 months ago. on 5/30/xx, a oigmoidoacopy using a lO—cm scope showed no evi- dence of bleeding at: the anorectal area. A 35~cm scope was then inserted to a level of 13 em. Mgulaeion prevented further passage of the scope. No ab— normalities had been encountered, but dark blood was noted at: that level. Impression: Rectal bleeding caused by a polyp, bleeding diverticulum, or rectal carcinoma. Chart Note Analysis From the preceding chart note, select the medical word that means Lfoliowing a meal: e Og‘kvmlmk l pertaining to the anus and rectum: D‘ADF baked 3. abnormaé formation of an angle: WWW 0“ 4. tumor on a small stem: ... .QD‘Hfip .. . . . .. ._ . ...... .. .. 5. sac or pouch on the wall of a canal: d \\l JLY‘ ‘k‘ (WAVE/m . . _ ._._ 6. painful or difficult swallowing: & g S 9“ &,§\Ck 7. inflammation ofthe small intestine: W .\+ \S 8. creation of a surgical passage through the abdominal wall to the last portion of thesmallintestine: ‘\Q,0 gk-om. _ .. 9.vomiting blood:.. ..., . . Q,k._ .. .. . is. |0.ma|ignant tumor. deom . .. . .. . .. _ Competency Verification: Check your answers in Appendix 8. Answer Key. on page 377. Review material that you did not answer tenant Correct Answers: https://jigsaw.chegg.com/api/v0/books/9780803 6421 19/print?from=184&to=184 9/21/2017 ...
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