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Ch.5 Vocabulary Recall - Sep 13 2017 - 8-46 PM.pdf

Ch.5 Vocabulary Recall - Sep 13 2017 - 8-46 PM.pdf -...

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Unformatted text preview: 9/13/2017 Medical Terminlogy Express: A Short Course by Body System, 2nd edition PRINTED BY: dfda9305b52a1 [email protected] 24190. edu. Printing [S for personal, private use only. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted without publisher's prior permission Violators will be prosecuted. 126 CHAPiER s I mm": Medical Vocabulary Recall? Match the medical terms below with the definitions in the numbered list. arrhythmia embolus HF Raynaud disease stroke bruit endarterectomy ' Hotter monitor rheumaticheart disease thrombolytics , ' DVT fibrillation HTN statin varicose veins 1...ng ‘9039 WARS are swollen. dimnded veins most commonly seen in the lower legs. 2. ‘9“ t' ‘ “at/4d means irregular. rapid, and uncoordinated contractions of the myocardium 3. %rbmb°\‘3*‘93 are dmgs used to dissolve a blood dot. 4. ML rsa mass of undrssolved matterthattravels through the blood- stream and becomes lodged‘ in a blood vessel. 5. “ii.______' is a condition in which the heart cannot punp enough blood to meet the metabolic requirement of body tissues 6% DVT referstofonnationofabloodclothadeepveinofthebody. 7. 8%— refers to blood pressurethat' is consistently higher than normal. (HT 0x is irregularity or loss of heart rhythm. 2% is an agent that reduces cholesterol levels in the blood and blodo production of cholesterol in the liver. ‘0er 5r is a soft blowing sound caused by turbulent blood flow. ll.*s\“:\i_¥&— refers to partial brain damage as a resultofintermption ofblood supply to the brain, commonly caused by blockage of an artery. I). C“ 2:5“MQ' _.. is a streptococcal infection that causes damage to heart valves and I3. “5‘ m°“"\'°( is a device worn by a patient that records prolonged electrocardio- graph readings, usually for 24 hours, on a portable tape M. W_ is rmbness in fingers ortoes caused by intermittent constriction of enemies in the side. l5. Me-ngg‘fi .. 'is the excision or die lining of an artery. Compefiency Verification: Check your semen»; 2.2 Manama 5;. Answer Key on page 37]. Review material that you did not answer correctly. Correct Answers: “1:3,", 7. the? -- "‘09, it https:l/ereader.chegg.com/#lbooksl9780803642119/cfi/1 58!/[email protected]:47.7 l M . uw'vn 1/5 ...
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