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MKTG 2205 Assignment 1 – October 10, 2017 Reflection: Understanding Services a. A service provider that exceeded my expectations was Apple. Five months ago, I bought an Iphone 6S Plus (no guarantee added) at Apple Store Metrotown location. Twenty days ago, my son threw my new cell phone in the floor, consequently the camera of my device was broken. I went to Apple Store in order to ask for a paid service to fix my camera, and for my surprise, they exchanged the broken piece and fixed my camera with no charge, in only 2 hours. Considering that I did not paid for extra guarantee, and it was not a manufacturing defect, Apple really did a good job, and did not measured efforts to satisfy me as a customer. I still did not come back to Apple Store, however I am really excited for Apple X. b. I went to Tim Hortons and ordered a Donuts for my son, a tea and croissant for me.
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