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Jessica Potter Chem 1411 Professor Clement 9/16/17 Experiment 2: Densities of Solids and Liquids: Mass/Volume Measurements Post Lab Questions Device Volume Measured Avg. Volume delivered Difference between high and low volumes Volumetric Pipet 10 mL 9.6983 mL 10.1105- 9.3331=0.7774 mL Graduated cylinder 10 mL 9.6756 mL 9.8250-9.5891=.2359 mL Laboratory beaker 10 mL 10.0243 mL 10.1549- 9.9069=.2480 mL 1. The laboratory beaker is the most accurate because the measured values were all closer to 10 mL, which was the amount we tried to get as close as possible to. Since all the measured values were closer to the actual value than any of the other devices, that makes it the most accurate device. 2. The graduated cylinder is the most precise device because it had the lowest difference between the highest and lowest recorded volumes, which means the measured values were relatively close to each other, even though they may not have been the closest to 10 mL, the actual value we tried
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