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Psych Lecture Notes 9.11.17 Psychology as a Science When are suicide rates the highest in the US? - March-May (spring peak) - Media makes it seem like it would be December (or holidays) - Could possibly be because they are actually with their families, more generosity going around - More in spring because people are coming out of a state of “hibernation” o A lot of energy coming out “The Tender Cut” (Alder & Alder 2010) - 10-year ethnographic study - 150 interview, 40k internet posts - multiple cultures - RESULTS: o Used to cope with negative emotion/anxiety o Common in groups of young adults o Suggest its fairly harmless and can be treated with support groups - What’s wrong with this? o Too small of a study (150) o Internet is not reliable o “We” already know most of this! --- starting in 2002 o Their conclusions about the “harmless nature” of self-injury are harmful Elevated dysfunction interpersonally and occupationally Elevated suicidal behaviors But NSSI looks fairly treatable “Correlation does imply causation” Vaccines do not cause Autism - One study suggested, eventually retracted for being fraudulent Research in Abnormal Psych - Research is the systematic search for facts through use of careful observation and investigations o It is key to accuracy (really important in abnormal psych) - What do Clinical Researchers do? o Try to discover universal laws or principles of ab psych functioning: Search for “nomothetic understanding” General or universal laws or truths
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Clinical Judgement- What is it?
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