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Business Law 2 Chapters 1-3 HW Chapter 2: 1. I will inform my employee of the vast consequences of the drug and my dislike of him taking the drug. However, it is not my position or right to do anything about his wishes. If he chooses to take the drug, it is because he truly feels the consequences are justified for him getting better. 2. I would petition a court to have her involuntarily committed to a mental hospital or get some medical help. Although it is against her family’s wishes, it is for her best that she be alive first. I would not want the guilt of her death on me. 3. No, this is not right. If I wanted her gone, I could have fired her. Lying to another company is not going to solve the problem. The company will know you were lying when Mary doesn’t perform to the equivalence of the glowing recommendation. 4. According to the deontological theory, while having the right motives of not creating a panic frenzy one is right on lying to the reporters. However, it is only right if you plan on fixing the issue as soon as possible.
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